Get Views, Get Clicks, Get Fans: Help From An Infographic

This is a great infographic that applies to all sorts of social media and gives great advice on how to get more people to view (and share) your content across all media platforms.

My personal takeaway from this was definitely centered around number 9 – “Breaking Up A Long Post.” I agree, one should always proofread their work before they publish it (always embarrassing to have your errors pointed out afterwards) and I would love to have a guest writer on this blog (any takers?), but I think keeping posts short and sweet and breaking up longer posts into segments is definitely an important take away. Check out the inforgraphic below, and let me know what you thought the most important points were, and how you’ll use them to improve your social media!

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A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

A really interesting video on what marketers need to know about Pinterest, and why they should be on there in the first place!

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Digital Marketing, Digital Champions

On Monday we talked about traditional marketing vs. online marketing, and today’s post is a follow-up, focusing on another marketing strategy: digital marketing. Digital marketing uses electronic devices – phones, electronic billboards, computers, tablets, games consoles etc. – in order to market a product to consumers. Digital marketing literally puts in you in people’s homes, in their daily lives, in the palm of their hands. It goes hand in hand with online marketing, and therefore it is definitely something you should take advantage of for your business.

This means making sure your website and/or blog is smartphone and tablet compatible so people can access it on the go. You could think about investing in an “app” for your business, and using internet marketing strategies like sending texts or emails so people can access them on their smartphones too. Perhaps you could invest in an electronic billboard for your store that scrolls through your offerings and daily deals? The possibilities are endless, so start brainstorming on the many ways that digital marketing could help you and your business. Got any suggestions? Please share!


BLG Creative Writer and Social Media Manager Jenna Allen


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Be Nimble, Be Quick…

As I mentioned in “How Plugged In Are You?” Nilofer Merchant had a very interesting blog post that was part of a series about the Social Era, which tries to answer the overall question: “If you were going to design an organization from scratch today, what would you design for?” Nilofer’s answer is nimblesness. Nilofer said that organizations today need to be designed for speed, that means that everything is done quickly and effectively, and for that everyone needs to know their role perfectly. For this, Nilofer suggests staffing with “concentric circles.”

Basically, the core staff or management are the centre of production for the company, and these core staff members (who number in the single digits) hire the next rung of staff members, keeping the teams small to maximize their effectiveness. This concept of concentric circles does away with the idea of hierarchy and instead focuses on resizing as needed to get the right amount of talent, creativity and new ideas flowing between the teams. This is an idea that will have a lot of impact on your company, summarized in this rather wonderful quote from Nilofer:

When you have shared purpose, it doesn’t matter how many people work “in the company” and how many work “with” the company or how many are serving as an army of volunteers who want to advance the mission. What will it look like to lead an organization when only 5% of talent affecting output is directly on payroll, and others come and go? Organizations will not need to be big to have a big impact. But they will need an extremely clear purpose, and shared, decentralized power throughout. When a clear purpose is coupled with shared power, people can self-organize to reach the goal.”

For more ideas, go and check out Nilofer Merchant’s blog post and the series it is associated with. In order to make an impact these days, businesses don’t need to be big, they need to be savvy, quick on their feet; they need to be nimble.

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Survive Extinction: Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Today we’d like to talk to you about marketing, in it’s traditional form, and in its modern, online form. What is “traditional” marketing, we hear you cry? Well…

  • Traditional marketing techniques have been developed over the past couple of decades, as far back as the 1960’s, and have been implemented ever since.
  • They are the “tried and true” methods of marketing, like print advertisements (newsletters, billboards, flyers, etc) and those you see on the TV and hear on the radio.
  • “Traditional” marketing strategies focus on knowing the target audience, understanding their behaviour, providing them with incentive to buy the product and considering the location or means of providing them with it.

So why have new marketing strategies been created, if the old strategies are still around? Because, we as marketers have to keep growing and finding new ways of reaching out to our customers and consumers. The old ways are dying out, they are becoming extinct, and for good reason too. Sure, TV and radio commercials are still a good way to reach your target audience, if your company has the budget for them. But most of the print advertisements are not functional methods in this day and age, especially when everything is online. So shouldn’t your business be online too?

We aren’t saying that you should do away with your traditional strategies, not yet anyway. But in order to keep up in this age, where every business is plugged in and social, you have to be using internet marketing (or you too will go the way of the dinosaurs.)

Internet marketing means setting up a website (and/or a blog), and having people receive timely emails from your company that engage and relate to them. It also means a plethora of social sites to chose from to supplement your website that are great for connecting directly with your fans, consumers and customers.  It can also mean using online advertising on search engines and using SEO (search engine optimization) to organically promote your business. Internet marketing is a way for your company/business to look beyond the present and focus on what they could be, given the means to grow and prosper. So how does your company use Internet marketing, and if it doesn’t, what’s holding you back?

Stay tuned for a post on Digital marketing, another way that you can promote your business and interact with your consumers and customers!



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Pinterest: The New Frontier

Since this blog is connected to the company Beyond Limits Group inc., and I am the new Social Media Manager for the company, I thought it might be beneficial to practice what I preach here on the blog and delve into the social sites that I encourage you all to participate in. So not only does BLG (Beyond Limits Group inc.) have a Facebook page  but we also now have a Pinterest. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s still having some of the kinks worked out of it, so bare with me. But I think it’s important for a company nowadays to be firmly entrenched in social media sites, not only as a way of reaching new and different customers/consumers, but also to interact with existing ones. In order to be relevant, you have to stay informed, and to do this, you have to be plugged in.

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How Plugged In Are You?

After reading Nilofer Merchant’s blog post “Social Means Freedom, for Better or for Worse,” it got us thinking about how plugged in our society really is, and how much we can do on the internet these days.

For instance, did you know that many universities offer online classes now? Not only that, but some universities exist solely online, and these classes can be accessed by thousands of people all over the world, in different time zones, in different languages and in all different topics.

Not only can you take a class from halfway across the world, you can have a “face to face” conversation with people online too.  This is good news for business, no more voicemail/phone tag, but also friends and family can stay connected on different continents. Now there’s no excuse for not staying in touch with your Gran.

You can also “train your brain,” track spending and exercise routines, have access to thousands of crossword puzzles, access archives from libraries all over the world and read newspaper/magazine articles from a plethora of sources, in many languages, from many continents. With so many things to do online, the internet can make your business faster, more effective and more marketable. Like Mr. Merchant said, “While social stuff is often associated with marketing or customer service, social can affect every part of the business model.” So how do you use the internet to make your everyday life easier, and how are you using it to help your business?

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