Vine And The Shift To Visual

VineMost people today have seen a Tweet or a Facebook status, launched earlier this year Vine gives users the ability to share six seconds of their lives at a time. The format is video, which takes users away from the Tweet or Facebook status and gives them the option to share video snippets. So far this App is only available through the Apple App Store and is optimized for the Iphone 5, but works on Ipad and any Iphone. Overall the App is simple, login and then press the filming button. Once the camera is activated users simply hold their finger down for a second or two. The next step is to move the camera and hold your finger down again for a few seconds. In the end you’ve got a six second video of a few random clips, I personally have noticed that it is quite funny to add a random noise into the video!

The social aspect of this App relates to the feed of videos, which enables users to view other videos, share, and like. This App comes at a time when major social media companies are shifting to a more visual format. A few years ago Facebook and Twitter where all the talk, however today it seems more users are shifting to Instagram and Pinterest which share images. Vine acts to be another player in this image sharing movement by adding a new factor into this mix, social video.

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