Printed Marketing Materials: Are You Doing It Right?

e01eb9329e3a3f92dfcf38f0e855b33bThe trick to creating compelling marketing materials is to avoid “About Me Marketing,” according to Marlee Ward, a savvy business coach and speaker. And I tend to agree with her. If a prospective client wants information on your company, they should be able to find it online, on your website or social media accounts. The purpose of your paper goods should be to captivate and grab the attention of the buyer and say what you can do for them. Talking about yourself should be kept to a minimum and instead you should address how you are exactly what your customer needs and how you can do what others can’t. Whatever you say about yourself, make it matter, and overall try to keep your language simple and concise. A great point that Marlee Ward mentions is to use testimonials – proof that you’re worth the time and money. And if you aren’t getting testimonials, it’s time you started.

For more advice on printed materials, check out Marlee’s post. Want more information on different types of marketing? Read these posts on Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing, and Digital Marketing to find out how you can market for your business.


BLG Creative Writer and Social Media Manager Jenna Allen
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