Does Your Business Need An App?

The all important question. You’ve got a website. You’ve got your social media sites. Does your business need an app? There are some important factors to take into consideration. Firstly, are your current/potential customers smartphone users? Statistics say that only 35% of Americans actually own a smartphone, so that’s 65% of people that won’t be influenced by your app. So you need to start off considering where your customers are, and whether an app would help your business.

Then, consider the time and money spent creating and maintaing a mobile app site. Do you have the budget and the hours necessary? Next, you have to think what your app would accomplish. Would it make your customer’s lives easier and would it save them money? These are things the average app purchaser takes into consideration when downloading apps that are functional and not for entertainment.

If you are in favour of creating an app, after weighing the benefits, you need to then figure out how to analyze how effective and successful the app is. Going by number of downloads isn’t sufficient, because you need to track active/repeat users, and not just the people who downloaded the app, used it once and never opened it again.

Want more advice on creating an app for your business? Check out this great article!


BLG Creative Writer and Social Media Manager Jenna Allen
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