Tech Tap: What’s New on the Technological Frontier

26418d6f84d0760d563720f75f615528Every week there’s more and more fantastic technology coming out on the market, the newest gadgets and machines that stretch the imagination and make us wonder, “What will they think of next?” Well, the future is here, and these new innovations are sure to cause a stir.

Firstly, let’s tackle the phones. Ubuntu, a Linux based operating system, is releasing a phone that will effectively fill a niche in the market for corporate software that larger brands are ignoring – it would let you stream corporate software on your handset. For companies already using the Ubuntu system, this would definitely be a plus, and as the handset is set to be more secure it may even replace the Blackberry in the corporate world.

LG has officially announced that their HD smartphone, the Optimus G Pro, will be launched in Korea next week. How will this phone compete with those that are currently on the market? Well, LG has included some unique and nifty features like dual recording, so that the user can capture footage from both front and rear cameras simultaneously, and VR Panorama, so that the user can take a vertical or horizontal 360 degree panoramic image.

Now that we’ve covered the smartphones you need to know about, now let’s move on to the world of cloud storage. Originally created to compete with “the cloud,” the StormFly wristband lets you carry an entire operating system in a portable device that seamlessly switches between Mac and Mircrosoft. Can be used as a simple USB storage device, to house all your programs, or can be used for students and business folk who need to use multiple computers during the day without losing their work or changing the formats of their files. The possibilities are limitless. The device is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for just $59!

Lastly, I’d like to mention something that I find absolutely fascinating, and although it isn’t a new product on the market, the uses for the product are becoming more and more fantastical every day. I’m talking about 3D printers, and the innovators that are using them to create things like 3D Printed Houses and Robotic prosthetics that are changing the way we think about the world, and are surprisingly cheap to make. What will they think of next?


BLG Creative Writer and Social Media Manager Jenna Allen
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