Survive Extinction: Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Today we’d like to talk to you about marketing, in it’s traditional form, and in its modern, online form. What is “traditional” marketing, we hear you cry? Well…

  • Traditional marketing techniques have been developed over the past couple of decades, as far back as the 1960’s, and have been implemented ever since.
  • They are the “tried and true” methods of marketing, like print advertisements (newsletters, billboards, flyers, etc) and those you see on the TV and hear on the radio.
  • “Traditional” marketing strategies focus on knowing the target audience, understanding their behaviour, providing them with incentive to buy the product and considering the location or means of providing them with it.

So why have new marketing strategies been created, if the old strategies are still around? Because, we as marketers have to keep growing and finding new ways of reaching out to our customers and consumers. The old ways are dying out, they are becoming extinct, and for good reason too. Sure, TV and radio commercials are still a good way to reach your target audience, if your company has the budget for them. But most of the print advertisements are not functional methods in this day and age, especially when everything is online. So shouldn’t your business be online too?

We aren’t saying that you should do away with your traditional strategies, not yet anyway. But in order to keep up in this age, where every business is plugged in and social, you have to be using internet marketing (or you too will go the way of the dinosaurs.)

Internet marketing means setting up a website (and/or a blog), and having people receive timely emails from your company that engage and relate to them. It also means a plethora of social sites to chose from to supplement your website that are great for connecting directly with your fans, consumers and customers.  It can also mean using online advertising on search engines and using SEO (search engine optimization) to organically promote your business. Internet marketing is a way for your company/business to look beyond the present and focus on what they could be, given the means to grow and prosper. So how does your company use Internet marketing, and if it doesn’t, what’s holding you back?

Stay tuned for a post on Digital marketing, another way that you can promote your business and interact with your consumers and customers!



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