Coca Cola: Campaign Champs

I have a great love of Coca Cola and the way they market and campaign; I think they have managed to keep the brand alive but also find new and ingenious ways to market to the masses. So, in my last Super Bowl themed post (check out Mondays and Tuesdays posts for more Super Bowl commentary!) I wanted to do a quick recap of Coca Cola’s Super Bowl campaign, why it worked and why it didn’t.

This was the second year in a row that the company ran an ambitious Super Bowl marketing campaign, online and on TV. This years campaign was called the “Coke Chase,” and had three teams that viewers could vote for, effectively choosing their favourites to “win” a giant bottle of Coca Cola. The results were aired during the commercial breaks between the game, and although it was quite a successful campaign (with approx 910,000 votes online) the previous year’s campaign had more interaction, with around nine million people checking the site for the company’s famous polar bears. So why was the online portion of the campaign better last year? Possibly because the site this year experienced glitches, which meant that users who logged on were not always able to place their votes, which would definitely effect the numbers.

That said, if we’re going by YouTube views, the 2013 ad spot for Coca Cola has way more views than the 2012 ad, according to the company. So maybe Coca Cola needs to revisit the way they run their interactive campaigns? But there were so many videos from last years campaign, because viewers could check in and see the “reactions” of the Polar Bears to the game itself, that it isn’t so surprising that the main commercial is under viewed; we YouTubers are spoiled for choice!

Either way, it looks like the campaign was well done, and I am sure Coca Cola will continue to have marketing success with their brand. That marketing team is pure magic!


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