Bright Idea for the “Blackout” Bowl

Still coming down off that Super Bowl high, so today I want to talk more about that now infamous blackout, and what some brands did to cash in on the 30+ minutes of suspended play. This is when you know you’ve got a fabulous marketing team, when it’s late night on a Sunday, but they are still tweeting for your company. And they’re making their mark too.

So Twitter actually tracks tweets per minute, so for the power outage, there were about 231,500 TPM (tweets per minute.) That’s a lot of #blackout tweets popping up. Within four minutes of the lights cutting out, the tweets began to appear, and even parody Twitter accounts like @superbowllights started appearing, discussing the lights.


Picture 1


Brands themselves caught on to this trend as a way to showcase their humour and of course, their product. Calvin Klien, Tide, and PBS all had power related tweets, and but here’s the one everbody’s talking about, from Oreo:



Picture 4


It just goes to show, you don’t need a $4 million dollar commercial during the Super Bowl to make an impact, all you need is a Twitter account and a little ingenuity.


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