Above and Beyond: Advanced Strategies for Advanced Companies

The best businesses these days have realized that utilizing online media strategies is a crucial step in enhancing the reach of your business. It is important to engage and interact with your followers and consumers in order to build and solidify your brand. Once you and your company have created an online presence and have amassed a following, you can follow these steps from Samir Balwani, of Morpheus Media, for advancing your social media strategies:

1) “Multimedia can break down the faceless business-to-consumer sales flow and make your company appear friendlier. Use videos and images to show that your business is fun, you care about your employees, and most importantly, that you care about your customers.

2) Combine your online and offline marketing. Most companies use some sort of offline marketing, such as radio or newspaper, and by including a url to your Twitter or Facebook profile you can extend the reach of your brand.

3) Adapt your voice for each platform, be it Twitter, Facebook or any other media. Each social media platform has a different following, and different posts are acceptable on each. What might be inappropriate on Facebook might be perfect for Twitter, etc, so adapting your message for the platform, making it specific and tailored means that you will engage more people and that the posts will be well received on their respective sites.

Want more advanced strategies for your social media? Check out the rest of the article by Samir Balwani here.





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