Search Engine Optimization: How to Make it Work for You

Now that you are a self-proclaimed expert on Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) and the search engine, the next step is learning how to use this information to positively affect your business. Content is clearly the most important part of your site, so here are the ways you can make the most of your page’s rhetoric:

  • Keywords – the “search bots” on search engines look for keywords that appear in your title, content and tags so make sure you keep your keywords in mind while writing for your site. That said, keep it natural and don’t over do it. Try using the “find” function on your page to see how evenly you’ve dispersed the keywords.
  • Know what your audience wants – and then give it to them. You want visitors to your site to reach their purpose, either by giving them the next step in the buying process or by facilitating proper customer service – what ever it is you do, do it well.
  • Know your link locations – links in the first line are better than at the end (in case for some reason the reader gets diverted away from the piece). But having them scattered throughout the piece is even better than clustered at the beginning or end.
  • Tag happy is sloppy – too many tages makes your content less visible, less important and less relevant to the search bots. So keep it concise and stick to keywords! But remember also that you aren’t writing for the search bots, you’re writing for people, so make your content interesting too!

Now go forth and populate your content with appropriate links, tags and keywords – happy writing!

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