Search Enginge Optimization: the Search Bots of the Web

Today’s post is to highlight Search Enging Optimization and why it can be a really helpful tool for your business. Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” focuses on how people search online, and how search engines work to find relevant content to return as results.

How do search engines work, I hear you cry! Most search enginges have complexalgorithms set up, “search bots” if you will, that search the web, finding websites and links and compiling them all in a database. When a user performs a search query, the information from the database is tapped, and based on relevancy and importance, a list of results are displayed for the user.

This list is a search enginge results page or “SERP” and has paid links at the top (usually the top four spots are reserved for the highest bidder) and below those are the “organic” links that are not paid for. Where you are within the SERP determines the likelihood of people clicking on your site: the top spot of the SERP garners over 38% of all clicks, the top three spots deliver over 70% of natural search traffic. Also, important to note: the first page of results garners over 95% of all clicks – so if you aren’t on the first page you need to work to get there.

But it is important to remember that just because you are working with an SEO does not mean you should expect instant results; it can take months to impact real change upon the SERP because the search bots have to continually go out and search the web for relevant content to update their databases, making it a slow but steady crawl to the top. Yet working with an SEO can be insightful and really have an impact on your site/business, because in addition to attracting traffic, an SEO can provide insights into what content your audience is interested in and what is the most important to them, helping you design for their needs and provide targeted information.

Stay tuned for more information on SEO and how you can use this to impact your business!

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