Responsible Tweeting: Twitter Manners to Live By

It seems the more plugged in we become to our social media, the less human our interactions become; we lose our manners in the 140 characters it takes to tweet. It may seem like common sense to keep your communications polite and well mannered, but often there is a disconnect between what we would respond in person and what we think is acceptable behaviour online. So, here are a couple of Twitter Etiquette points to live by, brought to you by actionable marketing expert Heidi Cohen:

  1. Review the people who follow you to see if you should follow back. Just because they follow you does not mean that the content they are tweeting is relevant to you or your business: do you need or want their tweets to be showing up on your dash? 
  2. Do not follow someone just to get them to follow you, then unfollow them. What a mouthful, but it truly is bad manners to try and bump up your followers in this way, and they will not take kindly to it. Be smart and savvy about the people you follow, but be courteous too.
  3. Give credit where credit is due. This does not only apply to Twitter, but across your social media platforms: do not take credit for other people’s content. It always backfires and it isn’t worth it. Always try and include the link to the original material, either embedded somewhere in your post or as a visible link. This goes for photos too!
  4. Be a positive force. Don’t re-tweet negative content, try and be a positive force on the Twittersphere, your followers will enjoy reading your content and are more likely to re-tweet you.

Again, these may seem like obvious points to make, but being aware of your language and how other people are viewing and experiencing your company through social media is very important and you want to make sure you are giving the right impression. So always thank people for responding to a tweet or for giving feedback, try and thank people for following whenver possible, and remember to make your content relevant, positive and polite! For more Twitter Etiquette tips, check out Heidi Cohen’s full article here.

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