Marketing for the Little Guys: Borrowed Strategies from Fortune 500 Companies

Let’s face it, not all of us have the time or money to invest in pricey ad campaigns or marketing strategies. But even the Fortune 500 companies can take a while to catch up to what’s new and trending in the world of the everyday internet user, so there are some benefits to being a smaller company – for one, less hoops to jump through to get projects approved. But to even be considered in the Fortune 500 category, these companies are doing something right, so following on from our previous post we’re going to highlight some tips of the trade that you can implement in your own business.   

Firstly, think about setting up a social media monitoring site. Some of these sites are expensive, but others are free, like Hootsuite, which we’ve discussed before, or even a Google Alerts account. This means that you can track your brand, what people are saying in reference to your brand, but also in regards to your general industry and your competitors. This helps you stay current and well informed.

Secondly, you should invest in email marketing. This means actually asking followers to sign up for your emails, and having “subscribe” buttons visible on all of your media. “The key is relevance and consistency“- this means you have to know who you’re sending the emails out to so that they receive releveant information that they will actually be interested in. This also means that you can email them on a regular basis, because they won’t mind receiving email that actually applies to them specifically.

Want more advice? Check out this article by Hugo Guzman on Outspoken Media.

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