How the Other Half Live: Fortune 500 and Social Media

 In order to reach new heights, you have to have something to aim for. What better target than a Fortune 500 company? Many of these companies have fantastic marketing departments that clearly outline the brand and put forth a message that followers love to stand and rally behind. Some do it better than others. Those that are doing it best, according to a new survey, are the ones with a social media presence.

A new infographic created by from research by ComScoreDatamine, Nielsen, TNSdigitallife, and takes a look at trends in social media from the biggest companies in the world. The bottom line? Companies with a social media presence (scored here as a corporate blog, Twitter account, and a Facebook Page) appear higher in the Fortune 500 than companies that don’t.

The results are pretty impressive, including the fact that Google has the highest number of followers on Twitter with over 4,350,098, and that Coca Cola has the highest number of likes on Facebook with over 40, 094, 541. 

Clearly not all of us are going to be able to get that many followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook, that’s not the message behind all of this. Simply put, having an active social media presence is not just important for the start-ups and small businesses; it is becoming an integral part of business and marketing strategy in this day and age in order to keep customers interested and loyal to your brand (see our posts on branding and the importance of social media for more information).

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