Wrap Your Head Around This: Klout, Perks and Social Campaigns

Continuing with the idea of social klout and the Klout site in general, today’s post showcases just how important it is to use social media to your advantage, and how Klout can help.

As noted in yesterday’s post, Klout perks are products or experiences you can earn based on your influence, or “klout.” And these are not just for personal users, but for companies too. Take the Tangled movie premiere, for example. Using Klout, Disney was able to find who would be the most influential targets for promoting the movie – moms and dads. These “influencers” and their children were invited to an advanced screening of the movie and were given promotional Tangled items. These moms and dads then went on to promote the movie to their large social media audience, which amplified the number of people who were tweeting, chatting and posting about the movie.

Thanks to Klout and 412 influencers, Disney’s Tangled has 15,234 tweets, and 1,398 shares, comment and likes before the movie’s premiere. That’s social media done right.

Klout has also helped these companies with their campaigns; what could it do for you?

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