Concentration, Not Fragmentation

One of the most important things to remember about running a social media campaign for your business or brand is that less is always more. Always use sites that make sense, ones that allow you to properly use your resources and be socially present and engage in the right platforms. Always ask: What is best for my brand/business?

You may ask, what makes “sense” for my business then, regarding social media? This is not to say that you should rule out a social media site because it is unconventional for your business or brand to have one. This is something that you will have to decide for yourself. Take GE, for example, who have one of the best run Pinterest pages on the site. They may not be the company that spring to mind when one thinks of Pinterest, but by designing their pins to capture niche audiences and showcase their brand, they have created a pinworthy page.

No, making “sense” does not mean ruling out, necessarily, it just means that you should focus on the sites that will do the most legwork for your business with the least effort on your part. If you have a large media/marketing/communications team, then this may not be something you have to worry about. But if you have a small startup comapny, having 6 media sites run by one person may not be the best decison. It would be best to focus on one site and really engage with your audience and followers than have many sites with little traffic or updates. Common sense is really the message behind “concentration, not fragmentation:” concentrate your resources and energy on the sites that will best promote your brand, instead of fragmenting your resources between many weak efforts.

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