Build a Brand, Build your Empire

Here is a short post to showcase the importance of branding. Obviously social media plays a large and important role in the marketing of any business, especially in this day and age, but the proper branding of a product can result in much higher sales, not only of one product associated with your brand, but all of your products.

Think of a “brand” as the personality that defines your product/service/company and how this name/term/symbol/design is then viewed by others who associate with you. You want people to see your brand and the certain qualities or characteristics associated with your brand that make it special or unique. Your brand is therefore the most imporant aspect of a marketing campaign, as it demonstates exactly what you stand for and what you have to offer in the market place.

“Your business has a brand. It’s the sum of everything your organization is, says, and does.”

Successful branding is why we trust companies, why we faithfully buy one brand of beverage or car over any other. It is the reason we associate motivation and inspiration with Nike and their “Just Do It” motto. The reason why Apple products are always associated with innovation, speed and superior technology. And this is the reason you need to be in control of your brand and how it speaks to the public.

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