Increase Your Following

Following up on a previous post, this is another great article that encourages you to invest in your business’ Facebook page and the many ways that you can attract more people to view and follow you on Facebook. As the article mentions, the timeline design really focuses on the visual side of your page, so you should optimize this feature by playing up the visual content on your page. In other words, images images images. Make sure there a vibrant, interesting visuals on your blog, in the form of relevant inforgraphics and photographs. Make your page eye catching!

Another great tip? Stay relevant to your Facebook following. In other words, don’t use Facebook like you would use Twitter or LinkedIn. You should definitely be making sure you connect your social media, by all means, but you are limiting your business and your connectivity if you restrict yourself to Twitter style updates on your Facebook page. You have room to create a dialogue, you should take advantage of this!

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