A Social Engagement

I read a fantastic article on Mashable the other day about how can one can increase engagement on a facebook page. Facebook is not just for the plugged in, wired generation of college and highschool students – it is also a place where you can (and should) be marketing your business. And the tips in this article are so easy to implement and will garner great results! Simply adding a photo to your page instead of just a word post will catch people’s attention – bright imagery is always more enticing than dialogue.

Without parroting the entire article, which is a must read for anyone interested in boosting their page visits, here are my favourite new ideas for boosting Facebook page engagement:

Ask questions – don’t just leave a word post on your page’s wall and expect people to read and respond to it. Try and interact with them, ask their opinions, their thoughts, their reactions. If you’ve given them an insight, ask them how they could implement the idea into their everyday lives. You are trying to create a relationship, a dialogue, so get them involved by asking them questions!

This may not work for every business, but a unique way of creating engagement is by creating “fill-in-the-blank” posts. Simply asking people to respond with one word answers can tell you a lot about the people you are interacting with, as well as get people talking with you and each other. Spark a conversation, asking an interesting “fill-in-the-blank” and see where it takes you!

Last but not least, as I have previously mentioned, photos are great attention grabbers. People are far more likely to click through on a bright and intriguing photo that they see on their dash than they are on a word post, so try to take relevant and interesting photos that relate to your business and upload them to your page!

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