Nike: Community & Gravity

Yesterday’s post was all about creating “customer gravity,” having the ability to pull in your clients and keep them interested in your product or business by creating a relationship with them. To understand if you “push” or “pull,” you can look to your social media:

“Are you using social media as a channel for delivering messages to an audience? If so, you may be stuck in the push mindset. Or are you using social media as a way to listen and learn, to create an authentic relationship, and to deliver value beyond the products you sell? If so, you are well on your way to being an orbiter.”

A great example of a brand that has an orbit strategy and is great at pulling in customers is Nike. They have created “customer-initiated touchpoints between transactions, and the creation of value beyond just product” with Nike+ and NikeID. Nike is not simply trying to sell their product, they have gone above and beyond that by creating a place where the running community can flock to. They don’t charge people to use their site, but by creating a platform that people with similar interests can use they create an orbit, generating customer gravity. For example, Nike+ is a site that you can use to make daily goals for fitness, track your progress and share your success with other runners. Nike then created a shoe (NikeID) that tracks your run, and submits the results to your Nike+ account. By combining a shoe, the Nike product, with a community site that keeps the people coming back, staying linked in and logged on to track their progress, Nike has created a perfect customer gravity generator.

Want to learn more about generating customer gravity? Check out Mark Bonchek’s article.

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