Center of the Solar System: How to Create Customer Gravity

Harvard Business Review author Mark Bonchek has found an interesting trend between top brands and the way they interact with their customers: “Instead of treating customers as passive targets, they treat them as active participants. Like the sun in a solar system, they create a gravitational field that pulls customers into their orbit. They go beyond customer loyalty to building customer gravity.”

What is customer gravity, you say? Well according to Bonchek, it means pulling in the customers to gravitate around a brand, not by pushing out products upon the customers but by creating enduring and meaningful relationships with them. Easier said than done. But with social media, your company or business should be trying to create customer gravity to make sure that the customers stay involved with your business, not just for one interaction or purchase but for the long term. And social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google all provide you with the necessary means to start off your “orbit strategy,” all you have to do is read Bonchek’s article to get started.

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