Social Media Sites and You: What to Pick for Your Business

In a post earlier this week, I mentioned how some social media sites can detract from your business goal, causing you to become bogged down in all of the content updating necessary to keep your pages current. It is important to find the sites that work for you, that not only enhance your business strategy but also create the necessary link between you and your prospective customers/investors.

So what are the sites you need to pay attention to? There are the obvious ones, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites allow you to create a page, get followers or likes, and have other businesses check out your business. These are the easiest to keep updated, with apps for the phone and interface sites like Hootsuite allowing you to schedule and update all in one place. But there are some other options out there for those perhaps want to reach a different market, or just want to branch out from the usual options.

YouTube is a great way to spread awareness for your brand, and with video the options really are endless. Creating a profile for your business and having it link to your other social media sites is also a good way to increase the views. Pinterest is another media site that is different from the norm and quickly gaining popularity with businesses because of it’s fresh look on media, allowing you to upload photos and have these link back to your site. But how about Reddit? No longer just a procrastination tool for the masses, Reddit could be your gateway to a new branch of customers or followers, and all you have to do is post. For a beginner’s guide to Reddit, check out this article.

There is always the blog route too, with so many sites offering blog capabilities these days, there is no end to the number of ways you can get your voice and your message out to the masses.

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