Creativity and Corporations: the Killing Kind?

There is an age old question that many have pondered over the years: do corporations kill creativity? The blogger Emma Brownell (When At Work)  tried to answer this question in her recent post, and came to the conclusion that although they may not deal the final blow, corporations certainly do not nurture and encourage a sense of individuality or creativity. Because these creative people, the opposite of the “yes” man/woman, are the ones that deviate from the norm and tell people what they don’t want to hear, the “problems” (and sometimes, the “solutions.”)

But these are the people that should be sought out. The individuals that are not afraid to speak out, to stand alone, to move to the beat of their own unique drum. Because these are the people who will think outside of the box, find the solution and challenge the way you think, and will ultimately help you and your business grow.

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