You’re Doing It Wrong: Making Mistakes With Social Media

This is a great article from Mashable that explains the five main ways that small businesses get social media “wrong.” And by “wrong,” the author doesn’t even mean the content. Nellie Akalp says that she understands the sense of urgency that small business owners feel when they try to master the social media landscape, but that they should instead focus on trying to market themselves in the best possible light for their business type. Her five tips are:

  1. Social Isn’t the Place for the Hard Sell
  2. Social Isn’t About Self-Promotion
  3. You Don’t Have to be Everywhere
  4. You Don’t Have to Keep up With the Big Brands
  5. Social Media isn’t “Free.”

Perhaps the most important idea in this article is number three, “You Don’t Have to be Everywhere.” As a small business, it is important that you use your time wisely and focus on the social media that is going to benefit your business. Which means that you may not need a MySpace, or a Pinterest, or a blog. But you may need a Twitter that gets a twice daily update and a photo posted to your Facebook page every hour. Focusing on the sites that will really make a difference, instead of having five social media accounts that remain inactive, is your key to a successful social media campaign for your business.

For more information on these great tips, read the article here.

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