Trends, Tips and Gamification

An article on the Harvard Business Review by David Armano makes predictions about social media in the coming year (2012). Although this article is a little dated the author makes some very interesting predictions on how social media will expand and affect businesses this year, as well as making good suggestions on how you can use social media to advance your business’ presence on the web.

For example, Armano mentions “Gamification.” He is referring to the number of social apps that have game-like qualities, like points or rewards given for participation. A good way to use this trend to your advantage is to reward people for visiting your social media sites. The more people that like, link, tweet or reblog your site, the better, so make the reward worth the effort. For example, if 1,000 people like your Facebook page they all get a free demo or sample of your product. Or if people suggest that their friends follow your business’ twitter, they are rewarded with a perk next time they stop by the store/order your product. These are just some of the ways that you can take advantage of the trends that social media produces and have them enhance your business and attract new clients.

To see David Armano’s full article of the Harvard Business Review, click here.

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