Pinterest: the new social media weapon for your business

Pinterest is a new social media platform with a huge emphasis on image sharing. Users are able to easily post images they find from the internet, or from their computer, or from other Pinterest users. Think of it like a social scrapbook.”

This is how blogger and digital strategist Enamul Hasan Ismail describes Pinterest, the newest craze in social media. By posting unique content that will interest a wide range of people, you can tap into a niche market that may not have been possible before this sites creation.

And with Pinterest, images are just the beginning. By posting a picture of your newest baked creation, you can advertise the new cupcake recipe your bakery is making. By posting a picture of the latest after school care group, you can showcase the great staff you have at your childcare business. Images lead to links which lead back to the rest of your social media, allowing you to advertise your own blog or company and reach out to clients in a new and interesting way.

For the full article and for some great tips on why Pinterest could be good for your business, and how to use it, check out the article here.

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